Tag: hyena

Dont have to draw, when the tablet and programs does all the work for you
dont have to update directly on twitter, when your homepage does everything for you...
Yeen boi character (Vel) #secondlife
Vel - Spotted/Striped hyena reference sheet #furry
the moons got him #comic #sketch
Vel standing (sketch)
Vel, yeen boi sketch (wip)
Chuckleboi (WIP)
chuckleboy -- he protecc, he attacc.. But most importantdly... He chucklee
Chuckleboy with a background that happenes to be my room. Shading and lighting is next then im finished xoxo
chuckleboy (final)
Vel portraiut (sketch) -> eye correction
Vell Portrait
Vel portrait (colors)
Vel Portrait (finished)
Vel portrait (corrections)

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