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Time: 2021-10-29 15:23:27 +0000

Tags: actors saga: main storyline(20) [cmode](19) desert(20) 2022(19) combat sports(13) midscore(9) HUDlink(4) battle matrix(3) electrical attack(2) attack preparation(2) wolf(17) fennec_fox(1) fox(2) gray_wolf(1) bot(5) vivex(12) aritywolf(18) kinty(10) kejento(13) ayden(7) vel(4) hyena(4) dragon(12) aardwolf(7) maned wolf(9)

Welcome to the Actors webcomic. To navigate through the comic itself, click the 'actors saga: main storyline' tag or its respective number in parentheses. ANd from here on out, pages that are not of the main sotryline will be posted; be sure to use the tags to nagivate the comic if you want to do that.

Arity and Vivex charge up an electrical attack and down the bot... But wait, there's more.

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