Testing threads
(local test)
kintarius portrait
kintarius portrait
sentiao portrait
Handshake WIth an AI
HUDlink narrates (fuck you HUDlink)
Trap Card
Awoo Salesman
Wooden Pickaxes
Faraday Suit
Kintarius Pyromancer
AI Handshake
Maned Wolf Joke
Actors Cover Band
Height Joke
[Actors Comic] Trap Card
[Meme/Colored] Maned Wolf Height Joke
Actors Cover Band
Wolf head
Fennec Portrait
Arity's Faraday Suit
Arity Snapshot
Arity Head
Shiny Supermoon Awoo
Fiend (done for a friend)
O Hai :3
Arity Portrait 2nd Attempt (sketch/wip)
Arity Portrait 3rd attempt (inked)
Nom - Typing Croissant
Full Moon Awoo Brigade (that one cloths meme)
Kint -- First Version
Kint -- Second Version
Group Theory
Wolf head
[Comic] Node
Kejento Portrait
Please Respond
Dual-weilding Wooden Pickaxes
Electrical Discharge
Single Bitcoin Hoarder
Maned Derp
Jazz Hands
Sitting Kejento
Moon-Moon Mooning
ArityWolf ref sheet 2018
Surplus, at an excessive level
All about the 'tailbase'
butts and dongs
Wangus Mcangus
Ari x Poly
1 and 1/2 dragons
Barns Courtney - Hobo Rocket
ArityDragon calls his faraday suit
Absorbing an electrical storm
Netflix and Pets (I remember having much tech difficulities w/ this) :3_
We act as a healer; then [when they're not paying attention], we then destroy
Only "reference" of Vivex that I have
Attempt at digitigrade (lol; 2014)
Wolf head practice
Electromagnetic Manipulator
Very High Velocity Cum, heh. #hyper
Commission Info Q4 2018
Quickie Icon
The Sadistic Two (Barns Courtney - Rather Die)
Arity Portrait 4th attempt
arity portrait colored shaded lit
computer setup
Dem paws, tell me more ;)
test 2: image upload
ergonomic mouse
kejento portrait wip
kejento portrait wip 2
Kejento Portrait (finished)
Great Awoo (wip)
test (2014 -- Field Testing)
2018 Art In Review
Hanging out in second life
(sketch/hyper) leashbound
(colored/hyper) leashbound
Sitting Dragon
poly portrait
Portrait sketch for @polygonalchemist
Comic Sketch
[Comic] Joke Overflow (sketch)
Awoo moon
HUDlink servers
Racc Portrait
Poly portrait
kint sexy pose wip
[Comic] Multiple Moons -> Single Moon (wip)
Kinty Pin-up
Kintarius pin-up
[Comic] Concatenate all the things
ArityWolf reference
ArityDragon reference
furry art and books
Why Can't I hold all these full moons?
Why do I hear boss music?
Semi-haard Heft #NSFW
See something you like?
Big dragon, even soft #NSFW
soft still
still soft
feeling cute, might awoo at the moon tonight idk
VapeWolf (sketch)
Trashwolf part 2 - refined inks
When you want to vape in your boxer-briefs all day...!
Is this your card? says kint to arity
wolf + full moon = awoo
you tried
you tried (I dont think you even tried at all) #meme #memes
i present to you a poem about moons
i present to you a poem about moons (refined inks)
I present to you, a poem about moons
[Main Comic] #6 - check yer 6 (sketch)
how to
silence, top
arity portrait 2019 #icon #portrait
insomniac #insomnia #dirtyheads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qGwfGcMNB4
under the milky way
yeen boi head doodles
Dont have to draw, when the tablet and programs does all the work for you
dont have to update directly on twitter, when your homepage does everything for you...
Yeen boi character (Vel) #secondlife
Vel - Spotted/Striped hyena reference sheet #furry
the moons got him #comic #sketch
Pre-Coffee Face
Pre-coffee face (finished) #myart
"bork per awoos"
Vel standing (sketch)
Vel, yeen boi sketch (wip)
Under The Milky Way
Chuckleboi (WIP)
chuckleboy -- he protecc, he attacc.. But most importantdly... He chucklee
Chuckleboy with a background that happenes to be my room. Shading and lighting is next then im finished xoxo
chuckleboy (final)
I showed you my awoo
Vel portrait (sketch)
Vel portraiut (sketch) -> eye correction
Vell Portrait
Vel portrait (colors)
Vel Portrait (finished)
Vel portrait (corrections)
Kint painting
(2004) Moonlight Night
Tactical Helmet
Proportions studies (2019)
Arity portrait (2019) [fixes]
Arity portrait pain-tine
I dunno, im just an awoo
I'm just an awoo
Size difference
Size difference
Taco painting
chicken wing painting
Arity reference Q2 2019 (SFW)
Arity reference Q2 2019 (NSFW)
Arity reference Q2 2019 - Standard Attire
Arity reference Q2 2019 - Faraday Suit
What Condom?
Full Faraday Suit Arity
Musical Ensemble
Kinty Mugshot
Come back to bed, its not going to suck itself
singing vel
Electrical sword stance
Come in
Glowing mountains (nsfw nude)
Glowing mountains
Vivex duel
Aydan - aardwolf